About the Interactive St. Augustine Map

Map Title: Plano de la Real Fuerza Baluartes y Linea de la Plaza de San Agustin de Florida, 22 de Enero de 1764 [Plan of the Royal Force Bastions and Line of the Plaza of St. Augustine of Florida, January 22, 1764].

This is one of the earliest extant plans showing building structures for the colonial city of St. Augustine framed by a descriptive index with names of property owners by block, dimensions in Spanish yards, and information about the building materials used. Map was drawn just as Spain was relinquishing Florida to British rule under the terms of the Treaty of Paris. Historic properties managed by the University of Florida are identified on the map.

The map is used by permission of the Órgano de Historia y Cultura Naval, Subsistema Archivístico de la Armada, Ministerio de Defensa, Madrid, España. [Organ of History and Naval Culture, Sub-Directorate General of Historical and Artistic Heritage, Ministry of Defense, Madrid, Spain].

Additional map information and a high-resolution image of this map can be found in the University of Florida Digital Collections: https://ufdc.ufl.edu/USACH00236/00001/citation